Initial Contact

Let's talk vision.

The first step of our wedding planning process is to find out more about you and the day you are eager to design. We will get the basic information such as number of guests, type of event & overall idea of the event itself.


It is vital to know your expectations in order to exceed them! We will sit down and talk with you about your expectations without filters. It may seem like an impossible task to some, but we expect and welcome any and all challenges.

Let's Prioritize.

We know that when planning an event, everything is important; but we care about one thing more than the other and we assume you do too. To make sure you have the things you want the most, we create a map of priorities to ensure meeting them.

Agreement signing is also included in this step.

Initial Contact - wedding planning process Initial Contact - wedding planning process
Venue hunting - wedding planning process

Venue hunting with local insight.

We have been in the business for quite a few years now (15 to be exact). This grateful journey has connected us with some of the top venues in the area. If we don't have a connection with the venue you fall in love with, we make it! Events in Tulum are growning in popularity. We can design experiences all around the world but our home base is in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

See our list of preferred Venues & Vendors.

Categorized into the best valued vendors and a complete list of possible venues has been created in order to allow you to the ease of access. We do the hard work for you. No need to do extensive research. Our experience is better than anything online. We care that you get exactly what you ordered. We will also assist in venue & vendor contracts.

Venues+ Vendors
Signing+ Designing

Let's sign.

Once you have chosen the perfect venue and vendors, we will walk you by the hand by being your advocate through the entire process! We understand best how to make sure you are getting the best rates and the best quality of everything.

Moodboards to inpsire

Now it's time for designing your experience. We will put together the inspiration behind the design. We present moodboards to get a feeling for the overall event design. Using colors, floral design and lighting ideas we will work together to bring your vision in step 1 to life.

Personalized Event Website.

With all of our events comes an invitation. Included in all our event design packages is a basic website for your guests. This website will have the event information, location and services available to your guests at a discounted price. This includes, but is not limited to, the following: Transportation services, hotel booking services, tour & excursions, direct contact form and links to registries in the case of weddings.

Design and inspiration - wedding planning process Design and inspiration - wedding planning process
The core philosophy of our planning process is to deliver more than expected.

The core philosophy of our planning process is to deliver more than expected. With our tailored planning, you will get a unique experience designed exclusively for you and your guests. Whether you need us to design your entire event or just sections you are missing, we will be there to assist. Our possible services are broken down into 5 sections of Biename to create the complete Event Experience Design: Boutique Event Design (Biename), Floral Design (Mena), Audio + Visual Design (Lume), Space Setup + Design (Settee), Wedding Travel Affiliate (Your Wedding Hotel). We have the complete package for your upcoming event!